Warrior movie poster
Warrior is a sports mixed martial arts movie that contains as much melodrama as its fight sequences. Overlong at over 2 hours, there are too many matches at the end before the climatic one between the brothers.

The story concerns two brothers – Brendan and Tommy Conlon, each with their own reasons for needing to win the $5 million prize money in the championship fight.

When you watch Warrior you can quickly figure out who the good brother is, so no matter how much better Tommy is in fighting, Brendan will emerge the winner. And with stories of this nature, nothing is mentioned of what happens to the poor widow who is supposed to get Tommy’s prize winnings to support her family.

The full movie contains many flaws, the most obvious being the fact that the father is the new coach but nowhere in the film is he seen doing any coaching. The family drama is intensified that it tethers to the point of incredibility. Tommy hates father; Brendan discovers mother was ill; father has demons to exorcise; unresolved sibling differences are just a few.

the final fight

The fight scenes are well choreographed as expected in fight movies of this nature. The match between the brothers is not really believable as Tommy is clearly the better fighter. But the script has to do its course.

Overdrawn drama and over-stretched fight scenes are some of the reasons why to watch Warrior online free is a let-down. Also the fact that the audience has seen this story time again.

Genre: Drama, Sport