Ultimate Avengers

Ultimate Avengers The Movie
I was interested in the release of Ultimate Avengers for several reasons. I really liked the free comics which is the basis for the story here. To make things even more interesting, this is Marvel’s first attempt at an original animated feature online. Unfortunately, they blew it on almost every level.

Watch Ultimate Avengers – written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Bryan Hitch was an excellent Hollywood blockbuster style remake of the classic The Avengers. The online series was smart and irreverent, delivering a fresh updated spin on classic characters while still delivering high-octane thrills. Unfortunately, the script completely blows it. The basic concepts are still here, but they’ve been watered down for a lowest common denominator audience.

The characterization Millar brought is completely lost, and the characters are reduced to the cardboard cutouts you might expect to watch free if you have a low expectation of comic book writing. The plot diverges from the original storyline in several key aspects, most notably – the Hulk is a good guy here, instead of a rampaging destructive beast.

I realize that this is aimed at a family audience, so some of the more sordid aspects of the original movies had to be trimmed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean going with a script that is this bland. Events just seem to occur without much meaning and nothing really fits together. The characters are completely un-engaging and there is no thrill to anything that is happening. Sure it’s kind of cool to watch Ultimate Avengers online free when Hulk is destroying alien spacecrafts with his bare hands, but this comes far too late in the movie to save it.

Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man

A lot of this could be forgiven if Marvel had delivered when it came to production value. Unfortunately, the animation is about as cheap looking as it gets. To describe it as Saturday morning quality might be too kind. The score is cheesy and repetitive and the voice talent is completely uninspired. With a little more money, care and creativity this could have been good chance to create an exciting new line. But if this is the quality we can expect, I don’t think too many people will be interested to watch a sequel.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation