The Untouchables

The UntouchablesThirties Chicago is a tough place, prohibition is in force but it is being openly flouted by the gangland underworld. Anybody who doesn’t toe the line is brutally wiped out. The people of the city live in constant fear, as even the police and members of city hall seem to be in the pockets of the gangsters king pin, Al Capone, (De Niro).

One man is not scared by Capone – Elliot Ness (Costner in a free star making turn) a federal Agent whose mission is to bring down the gangland boss. He can’t do it alone though and after a bungled raid Ness puts together a four-man team including old beat cop Malone, (Connery) to bring the war on crime right to the doorstep of the ruthless crime lord. And unlike those who had attempted this before the men in this team can’t be bribed, that’s why you should watch The Untouchables online free.

A Real Classic

Everything about this movie oozes class, from the sumptuous sets and costume design, through to the top-notch performances. Costner became a star after this film, and Garcia certainly climbed a few more rungs up the ladder. De Niro and Connery successfully cemented their reputations as stars whose presence and ability add weight to any production they are connected with. Connery picked up the Oscar for this, despite a shocking Irish accent! De Palma directs with his trade mark visual flair, with wonderful crane shots and swirling camera’s. The homage to Battleship Potempkin, on the steps in the train station, remains one of the most brilliantly edited and exciting shootouts ever committed to celluloid. In short this is one of those must watch movies that deserves the tag – classic.

the FBI agents

Made in 1987, it is fair to say I was not quite prepared for how good this film was going to look. The image in The Untouchables full movie is absolutely sensational. Clarity and detail levels are extremely high. From the very beginning as the first few bars of Ennio Morricone’s score filled the room I knew I was in for a treat. Watch the train station shoot out scene for some nice effects online, with the tannoys crackling into life over each shoulder and the gun shots ringing round the room.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller