Limitless full movie poster
Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) takes the magic transparent pill, he is able to organize and use 100% of the brain thus resulting in Limitless opportunities. This is the theme of an action, suspense thriller that is smart, entertaining while making the audience think a bit.

When you watch Limitless online the lead character is about to jump off the building. The events leading to this sorry state of affairs is re-counted and then the movie goes further to show how Eddie redeems his fallen self to come back on top. It is a success to almost failure to success story with lots of action in between.

Cooper is convincing as both the slacker writer and the suave corporate executive. But it is Robert De Niro that steals the scenes (twice at both confrontations) from under Cooper’s nose. Actress Anna Friel does well too as the dishevelled ex-user of NZT.

Director Burger chooses to use multiple images of Cooper to signify his brain in full throttle mode. One would question why despite that it all looks quite good on screen.

Bradley as Eddie Morra

The full movie forces the audience to think quite a bit – a good thing considering quite a few Hollywood films these days are no brainers. (Think the video game and car chase movies.) When Eddie loses his package of pills, the audience is forced to rethink back how he lost his stash. When Morra comes up on top of Carl Von Loon, we are also forced to recall how he improved on the product.

Despite its flaws, Limitless still emerges as an entertaining psychological thriller. Who would not root for a down and out guy who makes it good against all odds?

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller