Halloween 2018
The Halloween series has always been a strange series. Its main character is decidedly bland and seemingly devoid of personality and yet there are eleven films out there (not counting the remake). However, the original films worked because of strong characters, most notably Laurie Strode. Subsequent sequels always focused on Michael Myers and his exploits, ditching character development and plot in favor of cults, murders, and gore. Thankfully, Halloween 2018 goes back to what worked for the first two movies, suspense and strong characters that you actually care about. This may be the last part of the franchise, so make sure to watch Halloween online free, but in spirit it is only the third, as none of the other sequels ever managed to capture the fear and professionalism of the first two parts.

The story picks up where the first movie left off and after Michael Myers had disappeared for twenty years. I was very happy to notice that parts 4, 5, and 6 are completely ignored as if they didn’t exist, which is a good thing as they are far inferior to the other films. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, thankfully resurrected after being disposed of like a soiled set of underwear in the fourth part of the series… without any real explanation. Curtis plays Laurie Strode, who has moved to California and created a new identity out of fear of her brother, Michael. Oddly enough, Michael Myers has come out of prison and located some information about the whereabouts of his beloved sister. He then stalks a California prep school ready to waste his sister and his nephew. The plot may not be anything new, but it’s certainly better than watching little kids scream, babies cry, and cults doing stupid shit… as I had to sit through with the other sequels in this franchise.

Superb Acting And Directing

David Gordon Green, who has an impressive slasher pedigree, directs the film with measure of skill. The story moves at a wonderful pace and I was surprised when it was over. Gordon spends time developing his characters, which many slasher directors won’t do for free, and this makes all the difference. The slow pace that Green employs while letting you watch online the characters so you can get to know them, only makes the second half of the full movie all that more intense. David Gordon Green brings some fresh looking and memorable imagery to a franchise that hasn’t had anything visually memorable in quite a while.

Michael Myers with a mask

The acting is all quality. Every single actor performs their role in a professional manner, which is refreshing… but that’s what happens when you actually spend a little money on making a good movie instead of just pumping out exploitive slasher tripe. Jamie Lee Curtis hands in her best performance yet, which you can see when you watch Halloween, and is perfect as a teacher/prep school headmistress. Josh Hartnett makes his big screen debut as the slacker, rebellious son of Laurie Strode… you can blame him for that whole messy hair trend that happened back in the day… wait, we’re still suffering through it.

Back To The Roots For Good

As far as Halloween full movie goes, this is the third best film. The 2018 version is the most sequel-like of all the sequels managing to capture the tone and feel of the original two movies and still be a modern version of the franchise. The acting is great, the plot makes sense, and it never stops to be cheesy and takes itself seriously. People expecting typical slasher won’t be disappointed with this one, and anyone who understands what is a good horror should appreciate this film.

If you were only going to see one horror then watch Halloween online. This is not a gore or cheese fest, but rather a straightforward horror relying on character and plot… so if you like that, you should be able to get some measure of enjoyment out of this.

I wonder why can’t cops ever seem to catch Michael Myers driving a stolen car? I know that five minutes after I sat in a stolen car, I would be in handcuffs… and I don’t usually cruise around with a mask.

You can move thousands of miles away, but Michael Myers is still going to find you.

Genre: Horror, Thriller