American Gangster

American Gangster
Frank Lucas was a pretty big deal back in the day, a career criminal who made his fortune selling illegal substances. Detective Roberts finally brought him down.

It was the efforts of Roberts that unveiled Frank’s scheme which watched him use flights from Vietnam to flood his country with heroin. Lucas’s life was aptly captured for free by a story in a paper whose rights a studio acquired back in 2000 with the intention of adapting it for the big screen.

For a while, it seemed like American Gangster might never escape development hell. Even after a script was written and steps were taken to get the movie made, the whole project was canceled over rising costs. It wasn’t until 2006 that production commenced, with the movie finally hitting theaters in 2007 to rave reviews. Some of the people who choose to watch American Gangster online free might know that the movie takes several liberties.

In fact, some of the real-life individuals you watch free in the film and about whom the story of American Gangster is told went so far as to sue the movie makers for presenting them in a false manner. Though, you won’t find any critics online faulting the film for its inaccuracy.

Based On A True Story

This movie attempts to explore the life of Frank Lucas and his character is brought to life by Denzel Washington, who paints the picture of a ruthless man with charming manners.
Before Frank fell on hard times, he was an enterprising fellow who managed to amass quite the impressive fortune by not only flying out of the country to personally acquire heroin but also safely bringing it back home and selling it online at a much higher purity than his competitors. This is as he somehow succeeded in cutting the cost of the product down and making it almost free.

Denzel Washington with a gun

The people who watch American Gangster online have a chase to get a glimpse into the events that brought Frank to the breaking point, in particular, his relationship with Richie, the one cop who refused to break the law. Lucas eventually went to prison, but he got away with a relatively mild sentence and was set free because he exposed the litany of corrupt police officers through whose assistance he garnered so much success as a drug dealer.

Gangster Epic With Flawless Performances

American Gangster was a hit when it hit theaters and the online streaming sites, not only earning a decent profit but also eliciting the praise of critics and movie fans alike. The film stands on the performance of its actors and is definitely worth watching.

Denzel Washington does an amazing job of portraying Lucas as a man who will mercilessly gun his enemies down any day of the week whilst also finding free time to romance his wife. Playing against him is Russell Crowe who brings Richie Roberts to life online. No one likes to watch him at first because he is the one cop who finds drug money and turns it in. He refuses to bow to the pressure of the other officers who would rather he shared the loot with them. For all the drug dealer’s success, Richie promises to bring Lucas down even in light of all the opposition he encounters from his own colleagues.

Russell Crowe

Ridley Scott does an impressive job of walking the fine line between making the mafia boss an affable, appealing fellow and exploring his darker aspects. Denzel’s character does not immediately strike those who watch American Gangster as a villain. At his core, he believes that he is just another businessman. He knows what people want and he gives it to them for free. He treats everyone with respect no matter their station, and knows how to command loyalty.

It also helps that he is related to so many of them. Surprisingly soft-spoken and reserved, watch how Denzel’s Frank foregoes the fancy suits and hefty necklaces that his competitors boast online. He is such a low-key character that, before Roberts can stop him, he has to first determine his identity; and so begins their game of cat and mouse.

While Washington and Crowe are given plenty of meaty roles you can watch online, the female characters are not quite as lucky. This is especially true for Carla Gujino who plays Roberts wife and feels like just another stock female character whose only purpose is to badger his husband about all the free time he doesn’t spend online with his family.

At the end of the day, though, even that fault is barely noticeable in light of all the things that American Gangster does right.

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama