Watch Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 6: Rest And Ricklaxation

Following a stressful adventure, Rick and Morty go on a break to a spa where they remove their toxins, which in turn take a form of their own.

Rest and Ricklaxation is the sixth episode of the third season of Rick and Morty. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on August 27, 2017. It was written by Tom Kauffman and directed by Anthony Chun.


The episode begins at school, where Morty hears that Jessica broke up with Brad, and attempts to ask her out. The moment is interrupted by Rick, who asks Morty to go with him on what he promises to be a quick twenty-minute adventure for a crystal. Said adventure goes on for six days and, despite being heroes and Rick getting the crystal, both Morty and Rick finally break down. Over-stressed from non-stop adventures, Rick finally decides it’s time for a vacation.

While relaxing at an alien spa, they decide to try out a machine that supposedly removes all the toxicity of its users. Upon use, Rick and Morty find themselves in a toxic wasteland full of disgusting creatures, at first believing the machine blew up the rest of the spa, only for Rick to discover that they aren’t the real Rick and Morty: they are literally the toxicity of themselves, Toxic Rick as the rude, lying, genius asshole part of himself and Toxic Morty being the nervous, pathetic, and self-loathing part of himself. While the real Rick and Morty leave the spa refreshed after their vacation, Toxic Rick begins plotting a way to get out.


This is another fantastic episode. It takes one of the most tried and true fiction plots out there and somehow takes it in wholly unexpected directions, plunging the depths of the characters’ psyches and cranking out top-notch jokes all along the way.

The premise here is Rick and Morty go on an emotionally-scarring adventure (Morty’s wailing actually made me feel for the little guy), so they decide to go for a (sci-fi) spa day. There, they try out a cognitive detoxing device that removes the toxic parts of themselves from their bodies, rendering them completely healthy people. Unfortunately, the toxic sides of Rick and Morty exist as walking, talking opposites who eventually manage to escape to Earth and yadda, yadda, yadda.

See, the thing about this plot is you’ve heard it all a million times before. Anything with a superhero in it, really any episodic fiction with sci-fi or supernatural elements, has at some point done a version of the “protagonist must fight evil/opposite version of themselves” story. Even this specific version of it, where a character is split into good and bad sides that invariably must recombine feels pretty familiar (Dexter’s Laboratory had an episode like this!).


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