Pet Sematary streaming: Can you watch Pet Sematary online? Is it legal?

Pet Sematary is based on Stephen King’s scariest novel to date and it will make you jump out of your seat. But can you stream Pet Sematary 2019 online? Is It legal?

30 years after the original movie was released we have the chance to follow the same story again on the big screen. Another take on classic novel is here to show us that remakes can be good sometimes and don’t forget that sometimes dead is better.

After the movie was released on April 05 2019 a lot of Stephen King fans are willing to watch Pet Sematary at home.

But Can You Watch Pet Sematary Online Legally?

The answer is yes, you can, and your best bet is Amazon Prime Video. Direct TV also have the movie listed on their site but we haven’t tried their platform yet.

Another option for die hard horror fans is to watch the previous Pet Sematary movie which was released in 1989. It’s available at NetFlix, Google Play, iTunes YouTube Movies and more.

Pet Sematary will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in July 2019.

pet burial ceremony

There is very good chance for the film to end up on the biggest streaming site NetFlix this summer.

But if you’re inpatient you can head to the closest cinema. The big screen will give you the best experience and more intense scares.
Of course you can also stream the movie when you are home alone if you want weird feelings.

Pet Sematary tells the story of the Creed family who just moved to a small town of Ludlow, Maine. Soon after that their cat dies after a car accident and the newcomers discovered the pet cemetery.

This land is cursed and this makes Pet Sematary really horrifying to watch online.

Some critics think the film is not as good as the novel but we have to disagree since when you stream the full movie you can feel the horror easily.

Paramount’s release of Pet Sematary was big success at the box office and made $57 million. This is also the second biggest opening for Stephen King adaptation.

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