I need a new AIM name

and I'm asking for your help in coming up with one.

I'm about to lose my current AIM screenname "Neovenator". It is associated with an AOL account, and when that account closes this month, I lose access to the name forever (*weep*).

I've already set up a "Neovenator**" name, where ** is a number I happen to like, but that seems rather boring.

The person who comes up with a suitable name (that I am able to actually get) wins an 8"x10" print of any photo in the gallery section of my neovenator.com website, as well as my eternal gratitude. ^_^

Over on Fark, they occasionally have Photoshop contests (Photoshop is image-editing software, for those not in the know). One of today's contests was to photoshop a miss-heard line from a song. Hearing "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" instead of "...tiny dancer" would be a good example of this. Well, I didn't miss-hear the line I used, but it did come to mind at random many weeks ago:

The original line was "...into your open arms." And yes, that's the space from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I got a kick out of making this after having it floating around my head for weeks. Hope you like it.